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Video Lectures

Video Recordings of Assorted Lectures

The following lectures have been recorded and made available for the VCU Cardiology Fellows for educational purposes. Our thanks to the lecturers for allowing these lectures to be recorded. They are now embedded directed into the webpage so they can be viewed without leaving the site.

Pathophysiology of Heart Failure: Dr. Michael Hess

Cardiac Catheterization - Patient Evaluation: Dr. Skip Minisi

Introduction to Pacemakers: Dr. Ralph Verdino (University of Pennsylvania) 

Overview of Cardiac MR: Dr. John Grizzard

Echo Basics: Dr. James Arrowood

The Aging Heart: Dr. Ian Nixon

SVT Diagnosis & Treatment: Dr. Mark Wood

Syncope: Dr. Jose Huizar

Cholesterol Management: Dr. Ian Nixon

Risk Stratification: Dr. Michael Kontos